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Water Damage Fairview Heights

When people have pipe burst challenges, ice dams, or even toilet leaks, they rely on the expertise and skill of 911 Restoration Metro East owners Brian and Charlene Hernandez, along with their water damage Fairview Heights team to take care of them properly.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Removing Vapor BarrierBrian and Charlene also know that the best way to ensure water damage effects are limited is to arrive at the scene of the trouble quickly, and this is why they can arrive within 45 minutes to start the project.

“My crew and I get started as soon as we get permission from the homeowner to do so,” Brian says. “And that gives us the ability to prevent water damage from turning into mold damage too.”

In addition to being at the site of a water damage situation as fast as possible, Brian, Charlene and the water damage Fairview Heights team are also available 24/7/365 so that they can begin as soon as the situation occurs and not the next day after the worst has already been done.

“Even if a pipe bursts in the middle of the night, we will be there within the hour to take care of it for people,” Brian says.

If your home is already dealing with a ceiling leak, pipe burst, or ice dam, then don’t wait until it grows mold and infects your home with fungus too. Contact our water damage Fairview Heights experts with 911 Restoration Metro East for all the assistance your home needs to look like new again today!

Water Damage Prevention Tips and Tricks

Brian, Charlene, and the water damage Fairview Heights team are experts when it comes to fixing homes and businesses that have already experienced a water damage event, but they are also extremely good at helping people to prevent these situations too.

“We take calls day and night from folks who just want to know the best ways to protect their home from the elements,” Charlene says. “This is why we took the time to develop a list of all the maintenance tasks that property owners can do to keep themselves water damage free.”

  • Water Damage Restoraiton Vacuuming AtticCheck your pipes for any rusting or dripping that may be a sign of corrosion and a future failure point. Replacing a section of corroded pipe is a much cheaper and easier solution than fixing a home with water damage.
  • Take the time to trim the trees around your property now and again. If there are any dead limbs on them, make sure to have them cut off so that they don’t impale your roof and bring water damage through to the inside.
  • Have a restoration professional or plumbing expert come and take a snake scope to your whole system once every five years. This will ensure that any small obstructions are caught before they can grow to become water damage issues down the road.
  • Make sure to test your sump pumps once a year or so to ensure that they are in perfect working condition. If they are not replace it immediately. Having working sump pumps will ensure that your home doesn’t succumb to a flooding scenario and resultant water damage.

“This list has some of the top forms of water damage and the maintenance ways of preventing it,” Brian says. “But there are plenty of other options, and if anyone has questions that aren’t answered here, then they should absolutely give us a call to find out more.”

If your home or business is already awash in water damage from a pipe burst, ceiling leak, sprinkler malfunction or any other form of loss, then contact Brian, Charlene and the water damage Fairview Heights team with 911 Restoration Metro East today!

Stopping a Ceiling Leak and Interior Water Damage

Brian, Charlene, and the water damage Fairview Heights team have been providing solutions to the challenges presented by pipe bursts, toilet overflows, and even ceiling leaks for their entire careers, and this is how they have become the go-to source for solutions to these situations.

Water Damage Restoration Vans And Trucks At Job Site“We got called recently to a project where the homeowner had a ceiling leak, and their wall was being soaked through as a result,” Charlene says. “So when we got to the site we determined the source of the leak, which happened to be some missing roof shingles during the latest rain, and we patched up the area so that it wouldn’t happen again.”

After Brian, Charlene, and the water damage Fairview Heights crew took care of the roof, they brought their attention to the interior of the home and completely restored the walls which were soaked through ruining the drywall.

“We did a total extraction of all the affected drywall, and then placed air movers and dehumidifiers in the area for as long as it took to eliminate any residual moisture.” Brian explains. “That allowed us to prevent mold growth from taking hold, and so we saved the home from that fate.”

Brian, Charlene, and the water damage Fairview Heights crew even helped out with the insurance paperwork so that the homeowner didn’t have too much on their plate at once.

If your home is already experiencing water damage from a pipe burst, ceiling leak, or water heater loss, then don’t hesitate to contact our water damage Fairview Heights team with 911 Restoration Metro East today!

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